Pilgrimage Information

Catholic Diocese of Arundel & Brighton

The Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation 

West Grinstead, Nr. Horsham, West Sussex 

Pilgrimages are always DAY EVENTS.

Regrettably there is no over-night accommodation available at the Shrine.

Pilgrimages can be arranged for any day, but obviously Sunday events, in particular, have to be scheduled around our parish Mass times. It is vital that you check availability of dates with us: please don’t just arrive on spec! 


SIZE OF PILGRIMAGES. We can comfortably accommodate up to 100 people. (The church will accommodate many more: the problems tend to be with catering and seating larger numbers for Refreshments and managing visits to the Secret Chapel.)


PILGRIMAGE PROGRAMME. We are happy to discuss your specific requirements with you. A typical pattern for a day-pilgrimage is as follows :-

10.45 – 11.00am arrive 

11.00am Rosary, devotional or history talk or free time 

12 noon Mid-day Angelus and Holy Mass 

12.45pm Lunch 

2.00pm Visit(s) to the Secret Chapel (in the House) / Rosary / Confessions (perhaps with some free time) 

3.30pm Benediction of the Most Holy Sacrament

4.00pm (possibly tea – if pre-arranged – and depart 


There is limited provision in the Shrine Church and grounds for Wheel Chairs. (Sadly access is not possible to the Secret Chapel for the handicapped.)

 An Induction Loop System (for those with Hearing Aids) forms

part of the sound system in the Shrine Church.

 A Toilet for the Disabled is also available.

 There is ample parking space for cars and coaches.

HOLY MASS can be celebrated in either the Ordinary or Extraordinary (traditional 1962 Missal Latin) Forms. The Ordinary Form, although usually celebrated at the free-standing forward altar, can be celebrated at the High Altar ad orientem.Altar Servers are asked to bring their own robes with them. 


 CATERING.  Although we ask pilgrims to bring their own picnic lunches, we are pleased to provide coffee and tea, if you so require. Pilgrims are invited to make a suitable donation towards the cost of our providing this. Assuming the weather to be suitable, we encourage pilgrims to eat their lunches in the ‘Pilgrims Way’ - a covered area next to the grass Paddock in the Shrine grounds. Otherwise the Church Room is available – again with hot drink facilities. Given that we rely on the goodwill of our parishioners for help with the catering, last minute changes in arrangements can sometimes cause us frustration and embarrassment.


TOILETS are available both within the Shrine Church area and outside in the area adjacent to the Pilgrims Way Refreshments area. In addition to the usual Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Toilets, facilities include a Disabled Toilet.

There is a small but well-stocked REPOSITORY. (Post-Cards, Shrine History booklets, Greetings and Mass Cards, medallions, statues, pictures, etc….)

THE SECRET CHAPEL in the attic of the Priest’s House can be viewed by arrangement. This does involve climbing two fairly steep and narrow staircases with a total of 27 steps. For reasons of health & safety, the Chapel is limited to a maximum of twelve people at any one time. Small Pilgrimage Masses can be celebrated in the Secret Chapel – again attended by a maximum of twelve people.


draw the attention of our pilgrims and visitors to a display case on the ground floor of the Priest’s House which includes a number of ancient artefacts associated with the recusant history of West Grinstead and its Priest’s House.

The ROSARY WAY is situated on the large grass area to the north of the Shrine. It is freely available for the use of groups or individual pilgrims.

DONATIONS Although we do not have a fixed charge for the ministry we provide for our pilgrims and visitors, we do humbly ask that they may be prepared to make a contribution towards the work and upkeep of the Shrine. May we suggest that a donation of £5 per head would seem to be reasonable for a full pilgrimage, including visits to the Secret Chapel. (The parish here is very small: we rely ever-more on our pilgrims and visitors to keep this ancient Catholic Shrine open and available.)


When organising a suitable date for a pilgrimage or for further details relating to the Pilgrimage programme, please contact the Administrator and Priest-Custodian of the Shrine: Fr. David Goddard, The Priest’s House, Park Lane, West Grinstead, Horsham, West Sussex. RH13 8LT. Telephone: 01403-710273 or email: revdavidgoddard@btconnect.com. The enclosed Booking Form should be returned to us as soon as possible and always within a month of the pilgrimage date. 

You may also be interested to know that we have an attractive and comfortable SMALL GROUPS’ ROOM available in the 18th century part of The Priest’s House, throughout the year. Accommodating up to fifteen people, it is ideal for Days of Recollection, First Communion / Confirmation Groups, Away-Days, etc. Tea and coffee can be provided if required. For further information and to book this room, please contact phone us on 01403-710273 or alternatively email: revdavidgoddard@btconnect.com 

Our Shrine Website: www.consolation.org.uk 


The Arundel & Brighton Diocesan Trust is a Registered Charity No. 252878





NAME OF PARISH or PILGRIMAGE GROUP:                                                             

ORGANISER: Name:                                                          



DATE OF PILGRIMAGE:                                     

[It is essential we first liaise and agree your date with you – by ‘phone, email or letter] 

TOTAL NUMBER OF PILGRIMS:                      

Pilgrimage Programme (You may find the enclosed notes helpful. 

Please indicate):- 

Arrival time ___________ 

Activity before Mass (see notes) ? YES / NO 

Mass at 12.00 noon ? (Or at __________ ) YES / NO 

Do you require coffee/tea with your lunch ? YES / NO 

Other afternoon activities : 

History talk & visits to Priest’s House YES / NO 

Rosary ? YES / NO 

Confessions ? YES / NO 

Benediction ? YES / NO 

. . . . any other ? _____________ YES / NO 

Do you require tea before you go ? YES / NO 

Will you be bringing a priest with you ? YES / NO 

[If Yes – his name is: Fr._______________________________ ] 

Will you be bringing an organist / musicians ? YES / NO 

[Details: ________________________________________________ ] 

Will you be providing Altar Servers ? YES / NO 

[If so, we request that they bring their own robes with them please.] 

Will any of your pilgrims be wishing to visit the Secret Chapel ? 


[If YES – please indicate numbers _____________ ] 

[Health & Safety: please remember there are 27 steps disposed over 2 staircases with handrails] 

Have you any other requirements, requests or enquiries ? 

This completed form should be returned as quickly as possible and definitely within one month of your pilgrimage date, to the Priest-Custodian of the Shrine

Rev. David Goddard, The Priest’s House, Park Lane, West Grinstead, Horsham, 

West Sussex. RH13 8LT. Telephone: 01403–710273 

Email: revdavidgoddard@btconnect.com 

Website: www.consolation.org.uk 

The Arundel & Brighton Diocesan Trust is a Registered Charity No. 252878